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Joe and Elsa Willis - Maranatha Medical Ministry

On June 7, 2003, Victory SDA church had the privilege of having the presence of two very special speakers - Joe and Elsa Willis who head the Maranatha Medical Ministry - their home base being in Honduras. At this time they are scouting around in Guanaja, Roatan, and Trinidad to start another medical mission to reach especially those who the larger agencies like ADRA, Children's Care, UNICEF and others will not reach - since these are the people who reside in the mountains and out of reach places. Their ministry started at the time of hurricane Mitch, and their desire to help the destitute people who had everything destroyed. As their hearts were moved to help, yet at the same time they had a burning impression to stay and continue. A mission and new church have been built, with more visions for the future.
The 11:00 hour divine worship service was a special blessing, as Elsa presented the Gospel in a unique way using information from actual incidents at their clinic in Honduras. She included how they started the ministry and info about the people whom they have shared the gospel of Christ with. God has blessed in many ways through Maranatha's ministry, and has touched the lives of many people there. Elsa presented the Gospel in a unique way
At 2:00 both Joe and Elsa presented a slide presentation about the people they have ministered to in Honduras, including the dump people, locals with machete injuries, children and babies who were sick or injured, and those in a tiny town called LaZona who are hungering for the Gospel. Some of these people live in nothing but cardboard shanty's with no running water, and very little of anything else, including food. Malnutrition is paramount there. Amazingly, God has used these humble people, Joe and Elsa and their volunteers, to tell of God's love to those living in poverty - giving them hope. They talked about how they distributed food, clothing, balloons for the children, sung songs of Jesus' love, and sacrificed their time and love for the dear Honduran people.

The 4:00 presentation was called Healing Edibles from your kitchen.
  1. Elsa prepares a special remedy
  2. Joe mixes the unique Nature's Penicillin
  3. Elsa describes symptoms of diseases
  4. Elsa explains Nature's 8 Doctors
Elsa declares God's methods of healing are best!

Joe and Elsa showed how simple and inexpensive it is to make healthful home remedies from things you have in your kitchen, or that are easy to locate. They showed how to make such things as Nature's Penicillin using oranges, grapefruits, garlic, and peppermint oil. Cabbage pounded and crushed made a great swelling reducer on one of the attendees. A whiff of eucalyptus oil was passed around to see how well it cleared the sinuses...and so much more.
A most interesting presentation
  1. Joe prepares samples for tasting
  2. Joe giving specific remedy ingredients
  3. Elsa delivers a powerful message
  4. Everyone listened with atttentiveness