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Baptism of Laurence E. Waller, Jr.

Heading into Kerr Lake
On October 11, 2003, Victory SDA church had the privilege of witnessing it's first baptism. Laurence E. Waller, Jr. was baptized in the early afternoon by Rick LaBate, pastor of the Danville, VA Seventh Day Adventist Church, as father Laurence, Sr. looks on. Baptism of Laurence E. Waller, Jr.

The resurrection into a new life in Jesus
On a day that was to have considerable rainfall, prayers were sent up for the Lord to send sunshine. As the three men were coming out of the water, the sun shone for a few minutes.

  1. Lay Pastor Vaughn goes over Baptismal vows
  2. Laurence E. Waller, Jr. vows to follow Jesus
  3. Laurence receives Baptismal Certificate
  4. The happy congregation sings praises to Jesus
Elder Laurence E. Waller, Sr. stands by son