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FREE Seventh-day Adventist Church

Fully dependent on the Godhead, our church is a committed, self-supporting fellowship of Seventh-day Adventist believers where worship, Bible study, spiritual growth, and caring prepare us for sharing the Everlasting Gospel. We invite people of all cultures into this Holy Spirit filled fellowship each seventh day Sabbath. (Saturday)

139 Country Lane ~ South Hill, VA 23970
About 1 mile down from the Cracker Barrel
Tel. 434-447-7799

EG Ministry broadcasts twice weekly from the 50,000 Watt station WDZY 1290AM in Richmond, VA. All the Three Angel's messages and much more are preached and all broadcasts are now available for replay at the ministry website.

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Why I Choose to be a
FREE Seventh-day Adventist
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When Satan Can Tempt
No Longer

Read "The Great Controversy" online. Click graphic at left and wait a moment.

The Authorized King James Version
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The Authorized King James Version is the Bible of choice for worship and study at the Victory Everlasting Gospel Free Seventh-day Adventist Church. Click above Bible graphic and learn why.

The "National Sunday Law" by Jan Marcussen is printed in numerous languages and is being circulated around the world. The Mark of the Beast, it's Image and Anti-Christ are all revealed in this book. Learn what Satan does not want you to know.

Visit the Mark of the Beast Web Site and learn how to avoid getting this most
fearful mark, as all who do are lost! Sadly, most Christians will get the mark.