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It is Satan's studied objective to prevent SDAs today, from learning the truth that almost upset the church in 1903. Learn what saved the movement then in the video to the right, so as to keep from falling under the same delusion today.


Can a neglect of Adventist History,
have dangerous consequences?
God is trying to wake up our sleeping church. He gave the truth about the Godhead to our pioneers when He was leading and teaching them. The truth is in our neglected history. Our church today is working as blind men. It is Satan's plan that you are so pre-occupied that you will not investigate, but what you need to know is in this short study. Get to know it. Download a word. doc or pdf copy >>> >>>

Can the Understanding of WHO God is,
be a Salvational Issue
Many thimk that this is an irrelevant side issue and that it is not salvational. To the contrary and by the words of Jesus, learn that it most certainly is. Get a word.doc or pdf copy and read for yourself. >>> >>>

Satan attacked the Sonship of Christ is heaven and convinced one third of the angels of this monstrous lie. Today Satan has convinced almost all the intellectuals of Adventism, the same lie about His Divine Sonship. Fortunately God has a remnant of the Remnant that are not falling for his fatal lies in his takedown of the sleeping denomination, that just won't investigate the truth. Learn the facts in this video, "A Divine Sonship"

A Nameless god.

4 minutes - 17 seconds

Some say that the issue regarding the Trinity and non-trinity is not a salvational issue. Really? Here is absolute proof from Jesus Himself that it definitely is. Download either a word.doc or a pdf copy and learn the truth.
Also, you can download a companion study in word.doc or pdf titled The Alpha and Omega of Deadly Heresy. If you do not understand the Alpha, you will receive the Omega. Investigate and study to show thyself approved.


There are those who say God "Elohim" is plural and in Genesis proves a Trinity. Aside from the fact that Moses was not a trinitarian, we need to know the facts.

18 Video Studies of the Godhead
All 18 with downloadable scipts in word.doc or pdf - Click above
18 Godhead Videos by Richard Vaughn - Ideal for trinitarians to learn the truth and for non-trinitarians to have all the facts - click above

We Have Been Warned
About Satan!
Learn about Satan's diabolical plan to overthrow the SDA denomination in his war against the remnant church. How did he pull it off? Get a word.doc or pdf copy and read for yourself. >>> >>>

Did Jesus Teach
A Trinity?
Learn what the SDA denomination actually teaches about the Sonship of Christ, that is not really a Father-Son relationship. That they are playing roles and the Father-Son relationship is only a metaphor. Really? Get a word.doc or pdf copy and read for yourself. >>> >>>


"When Satan Can Tempt No Longer." This study is about the 6,000 year period that Satan was allotted to prove his charges against God and His throne. It will disclose the season and the year when that time has been completed. It will give the season and the year that Adam and Eve sinned as well as their age on that fateful day. The National Sunday Law, the Little Time of Trouble, Satan's personation of Christ, the end of probation for the world, the Great Time of Trouble with the Seven Last Plagues and the Second Coming of Christ will all happen prior to the date of Satan's completion of his 6,000 year allotted time. This is not a prophecy, it is not speculation, it is not setting a date when Jesus will come, it is not new light; it is using revealed information only and therefore is not new, but the conclusions are factual. You may download a word document or a pdf of this study below. If you would like a PowerPoint presentation to go with your download, request a copy by email to pastorvaughn1@hotmail.com. You can WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION BELOW.

How old was Adam and Eve when they sinned? What season and year will Satan no longer be able to tempt a living human being? See video above for specific answers.